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George Rogers Clark Flag

This Flag was designed & used by the Regiment of Lt. Colonel George Rogers Clark to help capture Vincennes IN from the British during the American Revolution.  Colonel Clark instructed his men to reproduce the Flag in quantity, then mounted on poles, tree limbs (whatever was available) then March around the Fort at Vincennes.  Never exposing all of his 172 troops, at any time, to the British; the idea was to give the appearance of a large 1000 man American force.  Some of the men would pass in sight of the British, then duck out of sight then rush back to make another past, waving the banners. The trick worked as the British surrendered the Fort within two days. British commander Colonel Hamilton turned away, with a tear in his eye after asking Clark the question, “Where are all your men?”  Clark’s answer was “right in front of you”.

One of the original flags is displayed at the George Rogers Clark’s Museum in Vincennes, IN.

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