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Obama insults SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) and tries to intimidate the Justices in front of the Nation!

Do you wonder why America is disenchanted with Barack Obama and his so called Hope & Change.  Talk about bad form. Remember this President and his fellow Democrat minions go upset when  Rep. Joe Wilson R-(SC) said, “You Lie”.  Barack Obama lectured the Congress and America during his State of the Union Speech on civility and then pulled this stunt! The arrogance of this Bastard is endless.

It almost defies logic, reason and respect; however, Barack Hussein Obama did the unthinkable during his first State of the Union Speech and tried to intimidate the Supreme Court of the United States.

NRO shows that Justice Alito was correct in his “not true” comment and Obama engaged in demogoguery of the worst kind,

With the SCOTUS in plain sight of Barack Obama, the One made the following classless and disgraceful comment (click the link  above to see the video of the insult. Be sure to watch Judge Alito and read his lips, he fires one right back at Obama) by insulting the SCOTUS and having his fellow Democrat lapdogs stand clapping and cheering furthering the insult and  thumbing their noses at the separation of powers.

Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law to open the floodgates for special interests – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections. Well I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities. They should be decided by the American people, and that’s why I’m urging Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill that helps to right this wrong.

Barack Obama obviously never learned the cardinal rule of Luke 6:31, Do to others as you would have them do to you. What leadership from this President. He expects others to act in a civil manner while he acts in such a disrespectful manner as ever seen by a President to another branch of government.

These Democrat hypocrites railed on Rep. Joe Wilson R-(SC) for his “you lie” moment and the breech of decorum, yet when their Obamamessiah does even worse they applaud it.

The shot of the black-robed Supreme Court justices, stone-faced, was priceless.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) stood up behind the justices and clapped vigorously while Alito shook his head and quietly mouthed his discontent.

Schumer and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md) are trying to find a way to legislate around the Supreme Court decision.

“All you have to do is read the dissent, the four justices who said this will defintely open the floodgates to big corporate special interests. Anybody who thinks that’s not true is out of touch with the American political process.” Van Hollen said.

Van Hollen told POLITICO he expects to unveil the package in the next 10 days to two weeks.

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) was glad the president called out the Supreme Court.

So the President is invited to come to the House of Representatives and speack as a guest and it is ok for him to provide a breach of decorum and lower the office of the Presidency more than he already has. Some folks don’t think it was ok.

The President’s swipe at the Supreme Court was a breach of decorum, and represents the worst of Washington politics. Obama overstepped his boundaries in every single way it was absolutely ridiculous. He basically implied,  “I am the leader of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches; deal with it.”

Obama thinks he is above everything. I can not wait to see his ass lose more seats in both houses of Congress, his ass get nailed to the wall, and serve only one term.

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All you need to do is look at the picture and can see many reason’s for Obama’s FIRST WATERLOO even before the special election Massachusetts recently had where the Republican Scott Brown won the senate seat.

Thus I call the loss of Massachusetts, Obama’s SECOND WATERLOO. And it doesn’t end there. Obama faces a THIRD WATERLOO here’s how and why.

Out-of-touch Democrats and the Kamikaze Congress

The American people voted for change on November 4, 2008, many envisioning a new era of progressive politics and social reform under Barack Obama. The newly elected president got to work immediately, depending on a strengthened Democratic majority and high approval ratings in early 2009 to justify pushing a radical liberal agenda through Congress. One year later, public enthusiasm has shifted to the other side.

Young, uninformed voters who jumped on the Obama bandwagon have moved on to the next social trend, some regretting their votes upon finding that the president’s version of change is not what they expected. Tea parties organized on a grass roots level are gaining widespread popularity and momentum among the working and middle classes, despite an intense media propaganda effort to portray the movement as marginal. But while Obama’s plummeting approval ratings reflect an increasingly disillusioned citizenry, his position is safe for the moment.

The same cannot be said for House Democrats. They will reap the consequences of President Obama’s policies, and their roles in a legislative experiment gone wrong.

Democrats across the country are switching parties or retiring, probably because they place greater value on their political careers than in blind party loyalty or supporting a far-left agenda. A new Rasmussen poll indicates that 36% of Democrats “believe their representatives in Congress have lost touch with the party’s voters”, while only 54% say they “have done a good job representing their party’s values over the past several years.”

Obviously, Democrats are not on the same page as their supporters, let alone independents and Republicans. Which page are they on? Whose interests are they representing? And how can they possibly believe that ignoring their constituents will be helpful in winning reelection in November?

Some don’t, which is why they’re getting out of the game with their reputations intact. The rest, who go along with Obama’s disastrous agenda, seem to be committing political suicide, sacrificing their careers to implement long-lasting changes in U.S. government and society that the people do not want. Like Japanese kamikaze pilots of the Second World War, they fly a one-way mission. But this brand of liberalism is no “divine wind,” and the inevitable crash will affect the entire country.

The House of Representatives was designed to reflect shifting public opinion. Today’s problem is that opinion is shifting, and House Democrats aren’t reflecting. They continue to pursue federal health care reform that is unnecessary, unpopular, and unconstitutional. They ignore, or support, the president’s alarming use of policy “czars,” sidestepping Congress and the voters in an unprecedented increase of the Executive Branch’s power. If Democrats refuse to address the problems in the Obama administration, and continue to disparage the legitimate dissent of concerned citizens, they will be dealt a severe blow in the coming 2010 election, which could result in a lost Democratic majority and lame duck presidency only halfway through Obama’s first (and possibly last) term.

This is not to say that Republicans are safe, either. Some in Washington, like Representative Ron Paul and Senator Jim DeMint, are active and vocal in their opposition to the current mad dash toward big government and socialism. Others are disturbingly silent. So-called RINOs (Republicans in name only) may find their seats to be equally at risk in the coming election.

Both major parties have an opportunity to represent the best interests of the American people by embracing the Constitution and the free market, and slowing Obama’s progressive agenda. They have less than ten months until Election Day. There is no doubt that voters will be watching their actions very carefully.

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Mr. Obama if you don’t know what you’re speaking about shut up!  You don’t know when to speak or when to shut up and that makes you a fool, or as we say in Texas; if dirt was dumb YOU”D cover an acre!

Obama turns off homegrown energy

President Obama says he wants to decrease U.S. dependence on foreign oil by increasing U.S. production of domestic U.S. resources, including America’s rich deposits of fossil fuels. To that end, Obama promises efforts to “enhance U.S. energy supplies through responsible development of domestic renewable energy, fossil fuels, advanced bio-fuels and nuclear energy.” At least, that’s what the president says he wants to do. To see what he’s actually doing, take a look at the policies of the Department of Interior. In fact, the Obama administration is cutting production of domestic fossil fuels — oil, natural gas and coal — by creating costly and time-consuming new layers of suffocating red tape and legal barriers.

Here are the stark facts, as compiled by the Institute for Energy Research, about the area where the federal government has the most direct and immediate effect on domestic energy production — managing energy exploration and production leases on western and off-shore public lands:

* The Interior Department has collected only one-tenth as much revenue from oil and gas lease sales in 2009 as it did in 2008.

* Revenue from such lease sales produced a return for the taxpayer of $942 per acre in the last year of the Bush administration, compared with only $254 per acre in the first year of the Obama administration

* Presently, not quite 3 percent of the 2.46 million available public lands are leased and that percentage is headed down. Under Obama’s Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, fewer acres on- and off-shore were leased in 2009 than in any previous year.

This is why IER‘s president, Thomas J. Pyle, says that “when it comes to paving the way for the responsible development of homegrown, job-creating energy resources, no administration in history has done more to ensure producers do less.” Similarly, David Holt, president of the Consumer Energy Alliance, offers this common-sense observation: “Adding layers of additional and unnecessary bureaucratic red tape to the federal oil and gas leasing process will result in less homegrown energy. … At the same time, erecting these needless roadblocks for safely producing American energy will not only lead to more expensive and less stable prices for struggling consumers, but it will also deepen our nation’s dependence on foreign and often unfriendly regions of the world to meet our growing demands and to keep our economy moving.” In other words, Obama’s policies in the energy field are producing exactly the opposite result he claims to seek.

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